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LIFE [Aug. 26th, 2008|03:58 am]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |bedroom]
[Current Mood |angryas hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
[Current Music |franklin by prmr]

LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well today it was raining like ten minutes before school let out but it stopped right before the last bell rang. so i went outside and i was gonna talk to chelsea while i waited for my mom. after chelsea left i was finally going to talk to the paramore girl and introduce myself. i even wore my MISERY BUSINESS shirt again. but no. my mom was already there thinking it might storm again. so i had to leave before i even got to talk to chelsea. and i did not get to talk to the paramore girl today.

before school let out:

in my last period (8th) a stupid fat#$& threw some gum in my hair. it did not stick though and if it would have i would have killed somebody. he said "i aint mean to though" but im pretty sure he did. i have curly hair and i guess he was anti-curly or jealous. probably jealous.

7th period:

arthur thorpe is the gayest name ever. besides gaylord focker. any way arthur is the queer i have to work with in drafting. (actually hes like the straightest dude ever but im mad) and we are not done with the powerpoint we have to do "TOGETHER" but Mr. Smith asked us if we were finished and i said "no WE'RE not" even though i had done all the work so far. then when i wasnt watching arthur told mr smith that he had done all the work!!!!!!!!!! so mr smith told me that i would get a zero on that grade. oh and by the way, THAT WAS A TEST GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all the way back to 1ST period, french level 2:

we had to do a play and say all the words in french. everybody was assigned a partner and i got the kid who barely speaks any english let alone french level 2. any way i had to be the host of a late night show in france and he was the famous soccer player i had the joy of having on my imaginary show. we had to do this infront of the whole class(36 OTHER kids) and the teacher. so we did the play and we thought we were fine which surprised us both but then OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! frickin' Apps McNorton (HIS REAL NAME!!!!!!!! (who names their kid Apps?))had to chime in like his gay little teachers pet self always does and he goes "i couldn't really hear what they were saying" and so me and German(PRONOUNCED: Her-mon) had to do the whole thing over again. but somehow german just forgot his lines and we failed.

DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fat kid who threw gum, arthur thorpe, apps mcnorton, and german sanchez!!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sittin at home [Aug. 24th, 2008|08:57 am]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |bedroom]
[Current Mood |blankblank]

wow so today was pretty boring. i just got up and went to school. ben was drunk and some trailor trash kid wouldnt shut up about sex. (like he will ever have it) hes so annoying. i talked to prmr girl again and she was wearin another paramore shirt and it was super cool. i really have to talk to her more. but i only get to see her after school for like a minute. and then my mom picks me up in her toyota camry that is older than me and doesnt have airconditioning. i was kind of in a fight (words) with alexis my friend yesterday cause she called me an idiot for like the hundredth thousandth time and i just couldn't stand it any more so i snapped. i through a milky bar at her, missed, and yelled. it was pretty girly of me and xtreemely embarassing but stubborn ol' me did not ever apologize. oh well i was pretty agitated that day. chelsea had a cool shirt on today. i had a boring one on. i talked to thanny today and she is pretty funny. i love paramore. i found some of their old old old demo songs on youtube this weekend and they are all pretty cool. i suggest listening to breathe and stop this song. listen to sunday bloody sunday. its pretty dark but it is amazing. breathe will send shivers down your spine. its awesome. i think i dont want to be in alexis band anymore because i havent even met the rythm guitarist yet and the drummer is good at drums but doesn't actually own a set. oh well. i say oh well alot. i have a lot of homework tonight as usual. speaking of drums, i set up a youtube account and subscribed to this girls drum channel. her you tube username is jackiecas. check her out and subscribe to her channel. she is amazing. she covers tons of good songs by good bands, like prmr, and she does it all by ear. no tabs. okay well im hungry and i gots lots of home work. GO PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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randommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [Aug. 23rd, 2008|08:58 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |FRIENDS MIMIS HOUSE]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |none but im joshin for some prmr "let the flames begin outro"]

dude i love paramore. the outro for let the flames begin is the most amazing thing in the world. ok well that tropical storm fay just hit us yesterday and we got owned. katy perry is awesome too. i love youtube and just set up an account there. paramorefan35339. ya. no vidoes yet. oh well. ill try to set some up if my band ever practices and we tape it. i got my friend alexis from her house today and we are just hangin at her mimis house with bambi. who just farted. if you dont like paramore i dont like you. im watchin miss congeniality 2. its awesome. ya. dude i love my world history teacher miss acklen she is the coolest teacher in the world. miss ansley is cool too. so is miss pressel and miss caudel and miss story and mister mccann. but mister smith sucks. he looks like he is pregnant. world history is cool and my school is huge. there are 8 or 9 buildings. you can look up glynn academy on google and you should find the website. you could see the map there. i have 5 different buildings to go to and they are all huge except for the cafeteria which is tiny. thats why most kids eat outside. uh i should go cook something. my friend matt just got txtin back on his cell phone so text him all the time and run up his bill. funny!!!! when hes mad. his number is 9122231026. im pretty sure that giving out his cell number is illegal but hayley williams did it to her exstep dad so i can do it to my friend. i got attacked by 2 guys at school thursday. one just came up and hit me in the ribs and the other one hit me in the face. pain. oh well if it happens again ill tell somebody. it was pretty random cuz they just hit me and ran away. i didnt chase them cuz they were bigger than me and they really did cause quite a bunch of pain. my stupid friends who were bigger than the "attackers" didnt even do anything. lame. oh well. so if you want please look at my bands myspace "myspace.com/knowone35339" i can yell quietely. ?? ok well this was pretty awesome. text ME at 9125718557. that my be dangerous???? oh well. ill get a different phone. peace. paramore.net go there cuz PARAMORE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SHOES...SHOES [Aug. 10th, 2008|09:32 am]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |alexis' crib]
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]
[Current Music |prmr when it rains on this side of town it touches everything]

DUDE I JUST GOT SOME SUPER COOL NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE = www.myspace.com/knowone35339 its my bands myspacce. finally in a band i am. we still havent practiced yet and no written songs but im pretty sure its a band. or not idk. oh well. so paramore is like the best band ever and i am in love with them all. ughh i love them so much. any way well these new shoes are frickin amazing and the are made by T.U.K. you should order some of them. I START my sophomore year of highschool this wednesday and i is not looking forward to it. well i kind of am. today was my birthday and i got a new lapptop. is tiny and blue with a little webcam built in. dude paramore won 2 teen choice awards. i had 2 cold sores but i woke up this morning and they had grown together. its one big massive disgustin nasty painful cold sore now. sorry im kind of not caring about what or how im typing. sarah hersey is retarted!!!!! jkjk sarah is pretty cool i geuss shes just not the brightest. oh well. the jonas brothers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah i said it so bring it girls and gay guys. they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whores!!!!!! idk why i said whores. oh well. peace ya'll~!@#`123$%^&*45678()_+}|{":>?<,.;/'[]\=-
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short post [Aug. 4th, 2008|05:01 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |1000 new sea island rd]
[Current Mood |busy]

hey yall/ i know its been a while since i updated but ive been super busy. today me and my friend found what we thought would be a good guitar player but now we know he is super annoying. i entered a paramore contest where they fly you to new york and you get to meet them and hang out backstage. i have bass lessons in about an hour so thatll be fun. im so obsessed with paramore that im getting the same phone as hayley williams for my birthday(t-mobile sidekick slide). so yeah please add me if you want to. got to go. who loves paramore?? i do!!!!! paramore.net go there!!! sorry this post was so short.
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music [Jun. 11th, 2008|09:35 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |bed]
[Current Mood |hyperhyper]
[Current Music |21 by the starting line]

so ive been trying to write songs over the last 2 days but im lacking inspiration so its been pretty difficult. i don't see how writers that write a lot actually do write a lot. but I've only been trying 2 write songs for like a month. i guess i need more experience. ha!!! that's what she said. music = life. i want to be in a band so bad and my dad is supposed to ask my bass teacher to put me in a band with other students. hopefully the kids in this band will be just as passionate bout music as i am. i hope we can like hit it off and become good friends and get signed and go on tour and do that for as long as we possibly can. im pretty pissed cuz of mtv. 90% of the "music" videos they show is rap. i used to listen to rap when it was original but now its ALL about bitches and money. and all the rap videos are the same just with slightly different "lyrics". if i wanted to watch that shit id watch BET. god-dernit i thought mtv was about real music like bands. whatever. uhh im soooo glad i don't have summerschool but i just barely passed algebra with a 70. i think mr kersey just passed everybody because he doesn't want to put up with me and my friends next year. especially ben and corey who set a water bomb off in his class towards the end of the year. ben got away from the room but corey was too slow and had to come back and clean up. i think ben ran to the upstairs classrooms. matt hand was like "hey loser you missed a spot" matt hand is such an asshole-jock-retard! his teeth are brighter than he is. ha. im good at comebacks. should be a comedian. no wait, i was gonna be in a band. DAMNIT!!!! idk why im so hyper. i ate 2 much today i guess. well ill post later. peace bitches!!!
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—>paramore concert<— [Jun. 11th, 2008|07:22 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |car]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |falloutboy"hum hallelujah"]

so i joined this community a while ago and im pretty sure this is my first post in it. well i went to a paramore concert may 16.2008 and i just thought i would post my experience here if anyone is interested in hearing about it. well first off it was outside at the masquerade music park in atlanta. it was cold. well be4 paramore went on DEATH IN THE PARK went on. it was their second show since being signed. if you haven't checked that band out you should. then after them CONDITIONS went on. while they were rocking out or whatever you want to call it, one of their guitar players knocked over the drummers cymbals so zac from paramore ran out on stage to set them back up!! o yeah, and hayley W did a song with DITP. then paramore went on. their set was in this order(i think):
-let flames begin
-that's what you get
-my heart
-never let this go
-we are broken(acoustic)
-misery business

so yeah... i think that's right. it was so awesome even though i was in like the 15th row. it was general admission and you had to stand up(no seats) and porti-potties galore!

paramore is my favorite band of all time, the best band of all time and paramorerulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LINES.......? [Jun. 9th, 2008|12:31 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |dads work]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |instrumental music]

so today i went to the library at my school to register for summerschool so i got there way late even though i thought id b geatting there really early and there was like the biggest line EVER. so i stood in about 4 different lines with my mom surrounded by people and thier parents. then when we finally got to the front they said they THOUGHT i didnt have summerschool and so then they told me to go to a different line so i did and stood in it for two hours and they told me that THEY thought i passed and didnt have summerschool. so then i had to go to the front office and they told me "no you passed with a 70, didnt you get your report card?" no i had not received my report card and then my mom was mad and i was mad and so now im at my dads work happy about the fact that i dont have summerschool. so yeah. im gonna go home later and swim. im 14 years old and my birthday is august 10-1993.

{^random ol' me^)
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flaws [Jun. 8th, 2008|07:01 pm]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |bed]
[Current Mood |everysingle1]
[Current Music |paramore]

i was reading a long time ago paramore post(the 1 where hayley asked fans what they were ashamed of that later resulted in "misery business") and it was pretty inspiring. it made me think of what im ashamed of. im ashamed of the fact that i try to impress people WAY 2 much and that i am extremely self conshus. and i can't spell(jk)! no but seriously there is also the fact that i don't EVER stand up for myself,i compare myself 2 others, im constantly telling my self how fat i am when im barely fat at all, and i let people take advantage of me. im also pretty disrespectful 2 my parents when they would give me the world if they could. i constantly want everything i see, i USED to take out my aggression on my dogs(not anymore), I've pretty much forgotten my christian religion, i judge every single person i see(you know you do too) even if I've never even seen them,i lie a lot, after someone does something for me i NEVER say thank you. im also ashamed of the fact that im ashamed of my family's looks, ashamed of my parents age, i could do better in school but i don't allow myself too, i make way to many excuses, i don't ask ?'s when i should and... i don't speak up for other people, i don't ever think of other people that are in way worse conditions, how i think there's never enough for me, also ashamed of the fact that i think its all about me, i feel like if i express my self people will laugh or make fun even though i really make fun of people and the way that they express themselves.
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udj [Jun. 7th, 2008|12:17 am]
jesse patterson
[Current Location |bed]
[Current Mood |doejt]
[Current Music |falloutboy]


i love paramore not much happening now

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